Mind RDR lets you take pictures using your mind

London-based studio This Place are creating an app, which will let you control Google Glass with your mind. Here’s how it works – combining Google Glass with Neurosky’s EEG mind control sensor, which sends wireless brain data of two mental states: attention and meditation. Using this data, This Place has been able to programmer in functionality for capturing a photo and then sharing it on social media.


The app’s algorithm seeks out any peaks or troughs in cognitive activity and associates them with yes and no answers. When the user concentrates in a very focused way on something, that can be considered a peak and signify a command for yes. Conversely, when the user relaxes their mind or thinks of nothing, the app’s algorithm interprets this as a trough, and generates a negative command.

Stephen Hawking has expressed an interest, with the hope that in the future Mind RDR could give those with conditions like locked-in syndrome, severe multiple sclerosis or quadriplegia the opportunity to interact with the wider world through wearable technology like Google Glass.


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