Nation pays tribute to legendary Sir Syed Ahmed Khan on his 120th death anniversary

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan was born on October 17th 1817 in Delhi. His family was renowned for the positions they held during the Mughal regime.


Sir Syed was the one who promoted the western education system, so the Muslims of India can go toe to toe with the British. With the continuation of these events, Sir Syed founded the famous Aligarh Muslim University (earlier known as Anglo-Muhammadan Oriental College) in 1875 so he can illuminate the Muslims with new world.

He formed Muslim League to promote the Muslim Unity in the region. Sir Syed promoted Urdu as the Lingua franca of all Indian Muslims; he became an institution within himself and mentored the upcoming Muslim politicians.

After the Hindu Urdu controversy his thoughts took a hit and he became Pro Muslim and he fought for the status of Urdu and Muslims in specific.

He presented the two Nation’s theory in which he described that the Muslims and Hindus of India cannot see eye to eye on every venture. For this he was put in jail but he never backed down from his views.

He himself was presented with the title of Jawa’d-Ul-Daula and Arif -e-Jang by bahadur Shah Zafar II. He was honored when Sir Syed University was name behind after his name.

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan breathed his last on March 27, 1898.


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