Pakistan witnesses ‘Supermoon’

LAHORE: Pakistan witnessed a glimpse of supermoon Monday.


According to Pakistan’s Meteorological Office, the moon was seen bigger and brighter because it was at the closest distance from the earth. When the moon comes close to the earth it appears 14% bigger and 30% brighter than the normal full moon.

Last, such type of supermoon was seen in 1948.

A super moon is a new or full moon closely coinciding with perigee – the moon’s closest point to Earth in its monthly orbit, as `Perigee’ means “near Earth”, a Meteorological expert told APP.

He informed that an astrologer, Richard Nolle, coined the term super moon over 30 years ago, but now many in astronomy use it as well. There are 4-6 super moons a year on average.

According to the definition of super moon coined by Nolle, the year 2016 has a total of six super moons. The new moons of March, April and May and the full moons of October, November and December all qualify as super moons.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) officials said supermoon was seen 70 years ago however, the force of attraction will be strongest resulting in high tides than usual.

The locals have also been advised to remain careful from November 13 to November 15 along the shore.

People can experience such a brighter supermoon again on November 25 in 2034.



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