Saudi Grand Mufti excommunicates Muslims watching Jurassic World for believing in dinosaurs

Jeddah: The Saudi Grand Mufti Abdul Aziz ibn Muhammad ibn Abdul Rahman ibn Abdullah Al ash-Sheikh Ibn Baskerdo al Abdul Kaadirye of the fatwa against building Snowmen fame has excommunicated those Muslims who have watched the new Hollywood movie ‘Jurassic World.’


Those Muslims have been apostatized for accepting the existence of dinosaurs and believing in evolution.

In a press conference the Grand Mufti said that the immoral people from the West who bow only to oil, make such movies just to confuse true believers. He said that if Muslims watch this movie, they might actually be convinced that dinosaurs existed once upon a time or at least think that it might be a possibility. The idea of thinking is terrible.

He stated that if Muslims have fallen victim to this propaganda before and they watched the 1994 original movie Jurassic Park, the only way to fix this is to do a mind cleansing Umrah. It will be better and more effective if one could perform Haj and throw more stones than usual at Shaytan to undo this mess but an Umrah will suffice as well.

“As a Muslim one cannot believe that dinosaurs existed, that would mean that the believer then accepts that the world is billions of years old and also believes in evolution. Which turns one into an instant kafir, and that also gives him a wajib-ul-qatl status and then we have no choice but to kill him,” said Mufti.