Scorching ‘hot’ space imagery

NASA’s Nowel Kowsky has recently captured a photograph of the International Space Station (ISS) before it was about  to make a transit in front of the sun, The awe inspiring image of the vessel making its way in front of the scorching fiery star at a speed of about 28,968 km per hour.


10 images were combined to make a single composite view of the behemoth, the image shows the ISS – considered to be the largest man-made structure ever to be built in space – transiting across the Sun in all it’s glory.

The photographic feat is not an easy task to achieve as it takes considerable amount of time and effort to plan, track and execute. The ISS orbits the Earth at an altitude of about 330 to 435 km and the image would not have been possible without the help of very powerful telescopes.


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