Special Needs Children Abused By Bus Driver and Conductor

A child recorded a bus driver who went by the name of Muzammil and conductor Mazhar Hussain who have been seen to be violently abusing special children. The video depicts very little of what had happened and sheds more light upon the lack of empathy in our society.


This cruel incident took place in Sambrial,Gujanwala this Thursday.

The footage was shot inside a bus belonging to an education centre that was transporting special children. The recorded footage showed both the bus driver and the conductor partaking in this brutal act, the children seen to be wearing blue school uniforms were terrified at the occurring scene.

One child was seen to fight back but all his actions were overpowered by the strength of the two adults; the child was repeatedly slapped and punched. The video was quite similar to a previous case that took place months ago in Lahore.

Regional Police Office (RPO) Sultan Azam Taimuri was soon informed about the incident to which he responded promptly and arrested the bus conductor Mazhar Hussain.

The chief minister of Punjab, Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has ordered further investigations on the case and has requested police officers to inquire other drivers about any relative information.

The Lahore High Court Chief Justice Mansoor Ali Shah was informed about the case on Thursday.

Mansoor Ali Shah has ordered the inspector general of police (IGP) to retain the bus drivers and the conductors for further inquisition about the case and apprehend any other people involved in similar acts of abuse to prevent any other repeated cases in the future.

It was indeed criminal to see helpless and defenseless children being beaten and bullied by stronger and more able people, such acts should be dealt with harshly and the attackers be made to rue the day that they raised their hand on people who could barely defend themselves, deterrent and swift punishments should be handed out so that no one dares to think of such a heinous act let alone act upon it.

These are our children and we will and shall protect them.