This Wi-Fi enabled thermometer doesn’t need to sit under your tongue

One of the most unpleasant memories of childhood is suffering with fever. What made it worse was when mom used to bring out the thermometer and force it in your mouth. However, a new device is about to change the way we measure a person’s temperature completely.


French consumer electronics company Withings has announced Thermo, a device which uses HotSpot sensor technology to give an accurate read in just two seconds.

It does not require any physical contact to give an accurate temperature reading.

Users need only to run the thermometer across the forehead approximately 1cm above the skin to get a quick and accurate read.

It also takes the users age into account and then displays the results on the LED.

The light is green if the temperature is normal, orange for elevated temperatures and red for high temperatures.

The other main feature of Thermo is its capability of connecting with the user’s smartphone using the Withings phone app. Through the app, parents can track the progress of the fever and access recommended medication.

Thermo is available in the US for sale exclusively at the Apple store, and for $100.


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