Vintage car rally for tourism promotion begins from Karachi

KARACHI: A vintage car rally on Friday departed for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa from Karachi to promote tourism in the country.


The car rally has commenced with 10 ancient vehicles with stylish drivers, women and children.

The cars varying from small to large size mesmerized the viewers and brought up a delightful environment.

“There is no concept of heater or AC in classic cars but we are determined to travel as the rally is for an important cause,” said a woman.

“We want to spread the message of peace and harmony through this rally. It is not like one cannot travel in Pakistan,” said one person.

“It is a very enjoyable experience as we travel with friends and other groups,” pronounced another.

Gatheirng cars on its way to KP, the rally will conclude with 100 vehicles at Khyber pass on November 22.


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