‘World’s luckiest passenger’ gets entire Boeing 737 to herself

Hell is other people, Jean Paul Sartre once said. For those who agree, one Chinese woman’s recent flight home would have been heaven.


A passenger identified as Ms. Zhang flew as the only passenger on China Southern Airlines Flight 2833 on Monday.

Zhang boarded her 90-minute flight from Wuhan to Guangzhou to discover that she was the only passenger on the plane. She took pictures on the plane with flight crew which she then shared online.
“The flight that I thought was cancelled still flew,” Zhang wrote on Weibo. “I actually got on this plane.”

zhang solo flight 2

Ms. Zhang’s flight had been delayed 10 hours due to snow, which doesn’t sound very lucky. But the experience of being the only passenger seems to have made up for it.

While everybody else on her flight was rerouted or put on earlier flights, Zhang stayed on the original.

The snow, which delayed flights and stranded 100,000 passengers in Guangzhou Train Station, hit China during one of its busiest travel weeks — the lead-up to Chinese New Year.

“I felt so happy, it was a rare life experience for me … I felt like a rockstar,” Zhang told BBC.

zhang solo flight 1

Last year, at least three people had a solo flight experience, on flights with Delta, Air Zimbabwe and Philippine Airlines.


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