Yemen Prone to Face World’s Largest Famine Due To Saudi’s Declaration of Port Blockade

Women and children residing in Yemen are on the brink of famine currently suffering from the outbreaks of malnutrition and poor medical aid facilities. Yemen has previously faced worst cholera epidemic with more than 900,000 cases and 2190 reported deaths, which was recorded as the worst outbreak ever.


The war between Iran and Saudi’s is the root of ongoing humanitarian crisis in Yemen. This war took its toll on March 2015 giving birth to rival proxies spreading mayhem between Gulf States and Arabia. The seven million people in Yemen are suffering from the dismays of this internal war.

Saudi’s continues to spread its terror through the establishment of hindrances for the fellow Muslim countries. Yemen has been agonized and targeted by this proxy war, suffering severely for basic human necessities.

Saudi Arab has recently blocked the pathways of coalition forces towards Yemen since last week. This blockade has caused an outrage and deprivation of immediate healthcare assistance among millions of children and adults.

This catastrophic humanitarian crisis in Yemen is at the mercy of Saudi’s to ease the blockade.

The blockade of the country’s land, sea and airports seems to be due to the recent missile firing at the Riyadh International airport this month.

Saudi’s holds the Houthi rebels responsible for this act of violence.

The United Nations humanitarian flights have been banned into the targeted countries as well as the neighboring gulf countries. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the Medicines Sans Frontiers (MSF) are unable to provide vital medical assistance to the countries in need due to high restriction.

“If the closure is not stopped in the coming days, we may see that the progress is stopped,” said the World Health Organisation’s spokeswoman in Geneva last week.

We hope these internal wars come to an end before the word “humanity” and “peace” loses its true meaning.