Air chief pleased at revival of squash activities in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: President of Pakistan Squash Federation Chief of Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman has expressed his pleasure at revival of international squash activities in the country and stated that efforts are being made to regain the past glory.


Talking to the media at a local hotel on late Wednesday he said, “We’ve great expectations from our promising players”. The situation in North Waziristan has changed and it is encouraging to note that some really talented players are coming from the area.

Earlier, he attended a ceremony held in connection with the President Gold Cup International, underway at Mushaf Squash Complex. Besides others, the ceremony was attended by Vice Chief of Air Asad Lodhi, diplomats and squash legends including Jahangir Khan and Qamar Zaman.

He awarded certificates to all individuals, who had taken steps for the promotion and resurgence of squash in the country.



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