Ex-women hockey captain protests outside Punjab Governor House

LAHORE: Former captain of national hockey team, Nargis Khan is protesting outside Governor House since morning against deplorable behavior of the government.


Khan dedicated thirty years of her life to the national sports and is heartbroken over government’s attitude towards national talents.

Reportedly, Khan is neither getting any pension from the government nor facilities.

Khan is standing outside the Governor House since morning today in broad daylight in hope for justice. She is hoping to meet a government representative who could pass her word to the Prime Minister or any federal minister.

However, no government official has taken notice of the protesting ex-national player.

Pakistan Hockey Federation has been struggling with inadequacy of funds and un-reliable administration to nourish the national sport for past years.

More commercially viable sports such as cricket, with its changing, fresh and indulging formats is enjoying all the sponsors and audience while national sport bleeds.


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