FICA advises international cricketers against playing PSL final in Lahore

LAHORE: A report by the Federation of International Cricketers Association (FICA) has warned international cricketers from participating in the final of the Pakistan Super League final, which is expected to be held in Lahore.


Organisers have already announced that the final of the second edition of the PSL will be held in Lahore on March 7, with or without the participation of international cricketers. Players who will opt out of the final in Lahore will be replaced by Pakistani cricketers. Earlier games of the tournament will be played in UAE.

However, a report by FICA stated that security of international players in Lahore could not be guaranteed. The report states:-

“Pakistan continues to experience significant terrorist attacks across the country and Westerners have in the past been directly targeted and killed in Pakistan. Indiscriminate and targeted attacks are likely to continue, and expert advice is consistent with all Government Agencies and Diplomatic Missions, who generally advise to reconsider the need to travel.”

The report stated that luxury hotels inside the country were also at risk of being targeted by terrorists and militants. It said that terrorists had the capability to strike at any venue in Pakistan hence it was dangerous for international players to be present in Pakistan.

“The historic use of suicide bombers, the willingness of terrorist groups to attack armed police and police protected sporting events, the capability of such groups and the intent, suggests that the risk associated with the running of an international sporting event are problematic at present,” said the report.

“An acceptable level of participant security and safety cannot be expected or guaranteed, even with an extremely robust security plan. Players participating in this event do so as individuals and at their own risk,” concluded the report.


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