ICC confirms Modi shared names of ‘corrupt’ players

The International Cricket Council (ICC) on Sunday confirmed receiving a letter from ex-Indian Premier League chairman Lalit Modi which revealed the names of top international cricketers involved in corruption in the Twenty20 tournament.


In the letter, from June 2013, the controversial Modi alleged that the players (names withheld) had received illegal payments to the amount of Rs 20 crores each from an Indian real estate mogul.

In the ‘confidential’ mail that had surfaced on Twitter on Saturday, Modi released details of the alleged corruption to ICC CEO David Richardson.

“The players are in close contact with real estate tycoon (name withheld). He is also a big punter and also book maker. I had banned him from bidding for any IPL teams… Reliable sources have informed me that he has paid in cash and kind (flats) to the above three in tune of 20 cr each,” Modi said in the letter.

The ICC on Sunday confirmed receiving the letter and said it had shared its details with the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).

“The ICC confirms that Mr Modi’s confidential e-mail, which was received in June 2013, and which has recently been published on Twitter, was provided to the ACSU at the time. The ACSU handled that information in accordance with its standard operating procedures, which included sharing it with the BCCI’s anti-corruption unit,” the ICC statement read.

According to sources, the ICC had informed the BCCI that it would carry out investigations into the matter since the players in question were internationals.

It is unclear whether any headway was made into the inquiry by the ICC’s Anti-corruption Unit.

The IPL season in 2013 was mired in controversy after police launched legal proceedings against several officials and cricketers, including former Test fast bowler Shanthakumaran Sreesanth, for illegal betting and spot-fixing.