Karachi: A senior Pakistani journalist has warned

A senior Pakistani journalist has warned that the current chaotic situation in the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), which was created through years of sheer mismanagement, will progress to the country a laughing stock in the cricketing world if it’s not tackled soon.


Qamar Ahmed feels the ongoing power struggle in the PCB does not forget a healthy sign of the way things have been handled particularly during the final few months, adding that the PCB turmoil has become a sickening joke with mature men behaving childish.

According to The Dawn, Ahmed further said that it is important that the ‘unwarranted rhetoric’ is stopped before initiating removal of the wad, ‘which throughout years of negligence has developed into a cancer putting the patient in the PCB on deathbed’.

Stating that Pakistan cricket, in a tug-of-war for power, has been surviving through an administrative crisis at the cost of the game, Ahmed also said that it is necessary for all stakeholders to wait for the Supreme Court decision and respect it even in case Najam Sethi is asked to chair the organization towards ‘just and transparent elections’.

Ahmed stated that such a position can only be possible if everyone contributes by focusing on the game’s welfare rather than being on a collision path.


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