Do you know which team Aisamul-Haq supporting in PSL 3?

Karachi: Pakistan’s top tennis star Aisamul-Haq Quershi, who’s here to participate in Dubai Open Tennis, couldn’t resist himself from supporting his hometown team Lahore Qalandars.


“I am enjoying here with family. I am a Lahori and will be cheering for Lahore Qalandars in the Pakistan Super League (PSL), Aisam told NewsOne.

“I am a big fan of cricket, whenever i get time i used to play cricket and really feel love watching as well,” Aisam said.

When asked about which player is his favorite player from Lahore Qalandars, Aisam named ‘Brendon McCullum’.

“Brandom MaCullum is my favorite player as he is a great leader and he used to play positive cricket with positive mind,” he added.

Aisam advised Lahore Qalandar players to play with winning attitude.


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