Pakistan suffers 6-0 loss against Canada in World Hockey League

Pakistan suffered a huge defeat against Canada in World Hockey League semi-final round at London Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.


Pakistan lost to Canada 0-6, its heaviest defeat against the North American competitors and appeared a no-match to the Canadians who dictated a true lesson of hockey to once the giants of hockey.

Canada displayed free flowing hockey during play. Their attacks were swift and well-coordinated, and commitment in the circle resulted in some of the best goals of the tournament. The use of wingers also proved very effective.

The Canadians fully dominated the proceedings and did not allow Pakistani forwards to respond. Canadian converted two penalty corners and one goal came via penalty shoot.

Yet their hunger for goals remained unabated; sixth goal came in the last minute. Pakistani defence made a number of unforced errors and the marking was poor, giving much room to the Canadian forwards to manoeuvre.

Most of the time, Pakistanis appeared a disjointed lot and no combination were witnessed during the stipulated time. As in the first game, the green shirts had their chances but poor finishing meant they were lost.

In the two matches it has played so far, Pakistan has earned just one penalty corner which clearly indicates the overall performance of the forwards. With the high profile game against India coming up on Sunday, the green shirts will have to put their best foot forward.

Scorers for Canada: Scott Tupper slammed in through penalty stroke conversion while John Smythe scored two consecutive goals in the 19th and 27th minute through penalty corner conversion. Floris van Son, Brenden Bissett and Gordon Johnston scored one goal each in the 28th, 50th and 60th minutes.



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