PCB reverses decision to terminate employees

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) on Friday reversed its decision to terminate 55 employees as a downsizing measure, days after it handed them a one-month notice period ending on June 30.


PCB Chief Executive Wasim Khan in a statement today said “making changes is about timing and, on reflection, the process and communication needed to be better”.

“As a responsible organisation, we have reviewed our decision and acted quickly to withdraw the notices,” he added.

A PCB spokesman had earlier said that the decision of downsizing had not been taken due to financial constraints caused by the Covid-19 outbreak but it had been done as per the requirement of corporate norms since their was surplus staff in the organisation.

Khan, in his statement today, said “the vast overstaffing that the current Board has inherited remains a long-term sustainability issue for the PCB”, adding that the cricket body would continue to “restructure and rationalise its staff numbers”.

“The PCB will make necessary decisions in due course,” he added.

The PCB has possibly the largest set up among the cricket boards of the world as far as its staff strength is concerned. Almost every chairman had made appointments to oblige friends and relatives and the staff strength is said to be approximately 800.

The incumbent PCB body has already cut down the staff strength to some extent by abolishing the regional body system, where nearly 260 employees including groundsmen, curators besides office clerks were working and getting some portion of their monthly salaries from the PCB besides from their respective regions.


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