Srinivasan’s appointment as International Cricket Council chief has stained the game

DELHI: On Thursday, Srinivasan, the new chairman of cricket’s world governing body, admitted the sport’s image had taken a battering later than shame New Zealand batsman Lou Vincent was banned for life for match-mixing.


Detractors say Srinivasan’s appointment last week as International Cricket Council chief has itself stained the game as he was driven to resign as head of India’s board over a corruption inquiry demanding his son-in-law.

On Thursday, Vincent, who was turned over his ban untimely this week, stated how his match-fixing boss had threatened him with a cricket bat later than an attempt to manipulate a game backfired in a now defunct Indian Twenty20 tournament.

Srinivasan’s ICC appointment came just weeks afterwards he was effectively forced by the Supreme Court from his mail service as president of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) in the time of allegations of illegal betting and point-fixing implying his own son-in-law were probed.

Judges had called his denial to quit of his own accord “nauseating” and the world players’ association FICA has stated Srinivasan should not have been given his new role until the corruption allegations adjoining the Indian Premier League (IPL) T20 tournament endured undecided.

Srinivasan stated he could not comment on the investigation for legal reasons, but appended that “to my conscience, I have not done anything that will rust the game, bring shame or done anything mistaken.


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