Winning prize has been awarded to teams in the 2014 FIFA World Cup

RIO DE JANEIRO: Total record of winning prize has been awarded to teams in the 2014 FIFA World Cup played in Brazil, backing is the criteria of the prize money distribution among the victors and the runner ups.


The World Cup 2014 is finished with Germany being crowned as champions in the time of Argentina and Netherlands take up the second and third position appropriately. The World Cup 2014 winners, Germany will be acquiring a cash prize of $35 million, $5 million more than what Spain got in 2010.

Argentina runners up will be acquiring $25 million ($1 million more than 2010), while Netherlands – later than finishing third and Brazil – later, finishing fourth will be obtaining $22 million and $20 million consequently.

Colombia, France, Costa Rica and Belgium, who were bumped out of the quarterfinals will be taking in a total of $14 million apiece, while the sides eliminated from the last sixteen – Chile, Uruguay, Nigeria, Algeria, Mexico, Greece, Switzerland and United States – will be receiving $9 million apiece.

The sides who were rejected from the group stages itself receive a summation of $8 million. The national federations have the liberty to circulate the money among its 23-man squad any way they desire. FIFA has earned $4.5 billion from the contest in the form of revenue from broadcasters, sponsors, hospitality and licensing deals.


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