Zaka Ashraf is under PCB Audit

Stories from the Pakistan Cricket Board recently revealed that an audit, that took place in PCB, covered the 22-month span of the previous chairman, Zaka Ashraf.


It has been pointed out in that particular audit that during his time as the chairman, there has been a staggering degree of financial extravagance; with a great deal of money being expended on travel. The audit is being taken after his sacking as the president of the Pakistan Cricket Board.

The auditing committee is covering his terms between October 2011 to May 2013; and January 15 to February 10, 2014. On the other hand, Ashraf came out in the open to deny all such rumours. He claimed that this is being done in order to denigrate him and it is a slur campaign against him.

In February this year, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif, decided to dismiss Zaka Ashraf as the president of the panel. Nawaz Sharif is a patron in PCB and he can as well dismiss the board of governors.

The primary reason why Zaka Ashraf was dismissed revolved around alleged financial irregularities and mismanagement of the panel. Nevertheless, there is no uncertainty that the annual budget, during his time, saw a decrease of its shortage.


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