Iran’s Khamenei blames Gulf states for military parade attack

DUBAI: Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei accused US-backed Gulf Arab states of carrying out a shooting attack on a military parade that killed 25 people, almost half of them members of the country’s elite Revolutionary Guards. Khamenei ordered security forces to bring to justice those responsible for one of the worst assaults ever against the Revolutionary Guards, the most...

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Iran denies Israeli professes of contributing rockets in Gaza

DUBAI: Iran neglected on Thursday Israeli accusationsthat Teheran equipped rockets were supposed for Palestinian guerrillas within the Gaza trip. “This affirmation isn't true and in essence the message or development a ship taking weapons from Iran to Gaza area isn't true,” swayer Abdollahian, Deputy Foreign Ministry for Arab and African Affairs aforesaid,consistent with official state news organization IRNA. “The allegation is simply supported unvaried and idle fabrications of the Zionist media,”...

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Two Bahrain children injured stint planting bomb: police

DUBAI: Two kids, aged ten and eleven, were injured whereas planting a margin bomb during a Shia village in Bahrain wherever a blast cause the death three policemen on, police aforementioned on Thursday. “A cluster of terrorists utilized these kids by questioning them to plant a home-made bomb” in Daih, state news organization BNA restated a police official as locution. He aforementioned one kid was “seriously” injured once the device exploded. Police photos displayed one child's fingers mutilated by the blast and each boys' faces and bodies peppered with shell. Police aforementioned they need introduced an investigation geared toward distinctive people who agitated...

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Away from ramp to trestle

Stint international internet portals like Moda Operandi and therefore the likes area unit fast to supply customers the service to pre-order appearance shortly when they're contemplated on the runway, western designers and their retail counterparts (both brick-and-mortar and virtual) have found out a profitable equation so as to assist customers each reception and abroad, acquire the most recent and therefore the greatest that the runways have to be compelled to supply. Granted they're operating at intervals a extremely developed rag trade, however with fashion weeks on the increase in Asian nation, each prêt and bridal, one must marvel what pace...

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Maternal and child mortality rate residue high in Baluchistan

QUETTA: Maternal and kid rate left over high in Baluchistan as compared to other provinces of the country. This was discovered by Dr. Ali Nasir Bugti, Provincial arranger Nutrition Program Government of Baluchistan at a news conference on Wednesday. Dr. Bugti explicit  that a complete of 785 mothers lose their lives throughout physiological state in Baluchistan out of one large...

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Dollar extremity up in Asia subsequent Fed report

TOKYO- The dollar impenetrable in Asia on Thursday after a Federal Reserve report improved optimism over the US economy, stint investors await a European Central Bank (ECB) policy meeting. The dollar bought 102.72 yen, against 102.33 yen in New York Wednesday afternoon, confidently conjointly given support by easing troubles in country as Russian and Western leaders attempt to realize the unconventional of the crisis. The monetary unit...

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Russian armed forces not in control of Crimea, speaks Lavrov

Ukraine’s government is illegal and Russian armed forces don't seem to be on top of things of peninsula, Russia’s minister Sergei Lavrov has insisted. Speaking in national capital, Lavrov once more criticized the obliterationof President Victor Yanukovych and continual Moscow’s assertion that troops placed to Ukraine’s peninsula region, weren't Russian however‘‘self-defence forces.’‘

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Aamir Khan purchases a bullet and bomb-proof automobile

MUMBAI: An actor of industry business, Aamir Khan acquired a bullet and bomb-proof automotive, worth 10 Million rupees, to kee away from safety threats he sustained throughout the shooting of his new film braced unacceptable activities at the the screen of Lok Sabha. As stated to the sources, Aamir Khan bought 10 Miliion rupees worth automotive as a result of...

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Police detain Indian anti-graft politician Kejriwal

Police detain Indian anti-graft politician Kejriwal

Indian police shortly detained Arvind Kejriwal for holding a political roadshow while not permission..

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A drone strike kills four Al Qaeda suspects in Yemen: military

A drone strike kills four Al Qaeda suspects in Yemen: military

A North American country drone strike in northern Republic of Yemen killed four suspected Al Qaeda members, together with Associate in Nursing Republic of Iraq veteran, a politician aforementioned

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N Korean military uphold missile tests

SEOUL: North Korea on Wednesday uphold a current series of missile and rocket tests and strike back at “vicious” censure of introduces by Seoul and Washington. The tests were mostly seen as a calculated show of military muscle-flexing to mirror the North’s anger over current South Korea-US military drills. As assertion taken by the North’s official KCNA news organization, a...

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India to name date for Modi-Gandhi election battle

NEW DELHI- Republic of India, the world’s biggest democracy, is anticipated Wednesday to notify general elections that square measure forecast to take the opposition Hindu nationalists diode by conservative Narendra Modi to potenctial. The committee anticipates to stipulate the schedule for the polls at a press conference thanks to begin at 0500 UT.  The Times of Republic of India reported that alternative...

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Veena Malik appeals PTA to discard all offensive content

DUBAI: Celebrity Veena Malik has appealed the Pakistani authorities and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to get rid of all the discard content concerning her from the public media. As stated to the authorities, Veena appealed the sources to get rid of all the painful and obnoxious content of her from the public media websites and browsers, as it’s changing into...

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Obama entreat $1bn for Islamic Republic of Pakistan in 2015 budget

WASHINGTON: The Obama administration is searching for one billion dollar for Islamic Republic of Pakistan in its budget proposals for business enterprise 2015, which were sent to Congress on Tuesday. The $3.9 trillion budget package includes $46.2 billion to fund the State Department and United States of America Agency for International Development. United States of America help for alternative countries,...

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Pak-India Joint Working Group analysis LoC trade

NEW DELHI: Asian nation and Pakistan on Tuesday command a gathering on cross-Line of management trade and travel, throughout that ways and mechanisms for increasing people-to-people contact, expanding the trade volume and up infrastructure at commerce points were mentioned.   The meeting materialized against the scene of tension on the LoC when a driver from Azad Kashmir was inactive for allegedly importation refined...

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Australia recover 13 shipwrecked Iranians off Pakistan

SYDNEY: An Australian war vessel has reclaimed thirteen Iranians shipwrecked off West Pakistan on its thanks to the center East to hitch a world force conducting counter-terrorist and anti-piracy actions, officers same Wednesday. HMAS Darwin discovered the lads, part of senior, on Sat in calm seas once their boat was reportedly stricken by unknown vessel and sank. They claimed to...

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Police emancipate sketches of Islamabad court attackers:

Investigative agencies emancipate sketches of the two armed men who had thrashed the district courts in Islamabad’s sector F-8 killing eleven individuals and injuring dozens on March 3, NEWSONE reports. The attackers, United Nations agency were between eighteen and twenty two years older, were somewhat bewhiskered. One wore a hat whereas the opposite had ringlet hair, in line with the...

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