Meet Zanco Tiny T1, world’s smallest mobile phone

A Kickstarter campaign for the mobile phone named Zanco Tiny T1 which claimed to the world’s smallest model has caught the eye of people as several thousands of dollars have been collected for its release.


The 13g tiny phone has a 0.49-inch OLED display – the same OLED display used in today’s smartphones but in a very smaller size. The phone is so small that it’s just the size of a human thumb.


The phone can work with any mobile phone network and will support a 2G network. Reportedly, the device’s 200mAh battery can provide three days standby with 180 minutes of talk time.

The phone features a speaker, a microphone, Micro-USB port, 32MB RAM and 32MB storage and also supports 13 voice changers, according to the company as reported by Times Now.

The iconic Zanco model is being released in the era when people are demanding bigger phones with touch screen.


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