PEMRA applies licensing Fee on digital content creators , Speculations or Reality?

Pakistani social media is flooded with anti-PEMRA posts and tweets after some leading news websites posted the story related to the issuance of notice by PEMRA for licensing Fees will now be Mandatory for Digital Content Creators.


Several news websites claimed that Youtube Licence has become mandatory and the fee of the Youtube License is around 5.0 million for all digital content creators, in case your content deals with topics of current affair, fee will be 10.0 million.

Content creators took the line that license fee will become a hurdle for a lot of creators. According to the You Tubers, “Pakistan has already missed out on a huge learning bracket back in 2012 when YouTube was banned in the country for three years.”

Meanwhile Pakistan electronic media regularity authority PEMRA has refused to issue any notification and said Media houses and digital web sites are spreading false news related to licensing fee.

PEMRA issued a Consultation Paper No. Web&OTT/1-2020 Consultation on Regulating the Web TV & Over the Top TV (OTT) Content Services on 8 th January, 2020.

In which, the authority asks for the recommendations from the content creators related to regulating digital media. Section 5.1 of the document advised licensing fee for digital content creators and also issued a questionnaire for the content creators to give their feedback. That advice is wrongly interpreted by some media outlets an created chaos in social media.


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