‘The Ruet’: Fawad launches moonsighting mobile app

Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry on Thursday announced the launching of a moonsighting mobile app that displays the various phases and other real-time information about the moon.


“The Ruet” is available on the Google Play store for download.

“The Ruet is a utility and information application related to moon and sighting of the moon in Pakistan by Ministry of Science and Technology,” says the description provided by Google Play store for the app.

The main features listed by the Play store are as follows:

  • Current phase and age of the moon.
  • Islamic Hijri Calendar.
  • Setting location manually to any coordinates in Pakistan.
  • New moon details by Islamic months.
  • Moon phases calendar.
  • Moon, Sun and all major planets positions on the interactive sky simulation.                                                                

Earlier this week, Chaudhry had announced the launch of the website, pakmoonsighting.pk, by the science and technology ministry “to halt the moonsighting controversy” that rises in the country every year prior to religious festivals.On May 28, In an interview given to a private channel, Fawad said conspiracies were being hatched not to let Pakistan develop modern technological equipment and a moon-sighting app.

Every possible measure had been taken by the Ministry of Science and Technology for the promotion and projection of technology in Pakistan, he added.

On May 21, Fawad said the new lunar calendar has been completed and “will be sent to the Council of Islamic Ideology on Tuesday”.

According to Fawad, the calendar is a result of a collaboration between Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (Suparco), and various space and weather experts. Fawad said the members of the CII along with the members of the central moon sighting committee have been invited to view the calendar “so that they understand the extensive working that was done to compile it”.

A letter from the ministry to the CII confirmed that the lunar calendar had been sent to the council to review. The letter, dated May 21, reads, “you are requested to accord your opinion in Islamic perspectives, if some clarification is required, a meeting of religious scholars and scientists may be convened, preferably within 5 days.”


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