TikTok user arrested for alleged rape of girl in Lahore

LAHORE: Lahore police have arrested the TikTok friend named Shiraz after he was accused of gang rape of a 19 year old girl in Lahore a few days ago.


The complaint was originally submitted by the victim herself at the Millat Park Police Station in Lahore against a man named Shiraz who she befriended from TikTok.

The investigation was carried out by the police after which TikTok friend was arrested from Jhelum and according to the police, the other two accused will be brought to justice soon.

According to reports, the girl befriended Shiraz from the social media short video sharing app TikTok and a few days later Shiraz asked her to meet at Samanabad Lahore.

Upon arrival Shiraz asked the girl to get into his car and two men were already present in the vehicle and raped the girl at gun point inside the car.

It is still unclear that this was the first time Shiraz preyed on a young girl using TikTok or if there are other cases too as most girls do not come forward because of the way our society looks upon cases such as this and the fact that victim shaming is becoming a serious problem.


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