Watch: iPhone battery explodes after man bites it in China

A man at an electronics store in China decided to give a smartphone battery his own litmus test by biting it. The battery ruptured and caused a small explosion.


As soon as he was shown the battery, he picked it up and gave a gentle bit to see if the smartphone component is authentic and in accordance with his liking. The battery burst into flames.

Despite the fact that the blast was inches from the man’s face, and other onlookers, no one was reportedly injured.

Social media users questioned the smartness of the man who bit the battery while others pointed out concerns how fragile the iPhone battery was that exploded after one bit.

After Apple admitted last month it was throttling iPhone CPUs to combat older batteries’ random shutdowns, the company offered battery replacements for $29 instead of the usual $79, which will possibly lead to more people deciding to replace their devices’ batteries.


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