3.4 million cases verdicts announced last year: CJP

ISLAMABAD: On Saturday, Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Asif Saeed Khosa said 3,000 judges announced verdicts on 3.4 million cases last year in the country.


Justice Khosa while addressing a conference said that in United States, United Kingdom and other countries a time is fixed for cases. “In a year, the Supreme Court of US and UK announced the verdict of 100 cases, while the Supreme Court of Pakistan announced verdicts of 26,000 cases.”

“3,000 judges announced verdicts on 3.4 million cases last year,” CJP said. “The initiative of model courts has been taken in order to ensure delivery of expeditious justice to the people. It is the responsibility of every organ of the state to work towards the provision of speedy and inexpensive justice to the masses.”

The top judge further said that dispensing justice had been my purpose ever since he became a judge. “Time should be fixed for cases according to the judicial policy. Every possible step should be taken to remove the postponement in cases. We have tried to impress upon the police to ensure that investigations are completed within the given time frame and then challans are timely presented before the courts.”


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