Possible Milk Crisis in Karachi: Price difference between wholesalers, retailers cost Karachities to suffer

KARACHI: Major Milk retailers have shut down their shops in a protest against the Government set price for milk to be sold to local consumers, newsone reported.


The Government has set the price of open milk 85 rupees per liter, however the shopkeepers are seeking the rise of prices above 95 rupees, the price wholesalers are charging to the shop keepers.

Keeping this as a pretext, the milk shop owners are demanding the rise in price or force the wholesalers to reduce the prices.

However, in all this the residents of Karachi are suffering as record shows a deficit of million liters of milk in metropolis.

According to an estimate, the metropolis’ daily milk demand of 4.5 million liters is faced with a deficit supply of at least a million liters.


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