All In One: Imran, The Cricketer, philanthropist, and politician

Cricketer-turned politician Imran Khan who was once known for his illustrious captainship which crowned Pakistan as Cricket Champion in the year of 1992, now is all set to embark on his Premiership voyage to propel his home country into new direction, which he claims “Naya Pakistan.”


Third-consecutive democratic transfer of power’s result has not been completely released by the Election Commission of Pakistan yet following the malfunction with their Result Transmission System , even so one can estimate his victory by his win not only in his power-dominated province Khyber Pakhtun Khuwa but across the country as the unofficial results keeps pouring in.

Traced back to his cricket career, he was never been an ordinary cricketer since he made his International debut in 1971. He made his name in the book of international cricket with his bowling skills as the one of the fastest bowlers in the world, and his batting skills were not any less sub-par.

He was honored with the captainship of the National Cricket Team of Pakistan in 1982, and he ascended the team into the sky by making it one of the best teams in the world, giving a tough competition to then Cricket Champions West Indies. In the persuit of his milestone achievements one after one, he had become inspiration for the young players like Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis and also for wanna-bees cricketer to string dreams of becoming a cricketer like him one day. With the time passing, he was included among the most widely recognized Pakistanis anywhere in the world.

After 1992, He quit Cricket Team with honor and stepped into Politics with the aim to transform the country like Quaid-e-Azam envisioned at the time of attaining independence, though in the start his political manifestos were not much lauded by the public as they were not much politically aware back then , which led to his downfall yet he never gave way to dejection rather kept combating with  more power to the corrupted and dominated parties valorously until yesterday when he clean sweeps all the dominated political parties in their home constituencies jubilantly.  This has happened for the second time, where a sportsperson will claim the highest throne of any country, Earlier George Weah, the footballer was elected as the President of Liberia recently.

The Versatile cricket fraternity inside and outside the country took to social to send out their wishes to the to-be Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan as he is hours away from his victorious success as per unofficial results.

1- Harsha Bhogle


2- Ian Bishop

3- Ramiz Raja

4- Shahid Afridi

5- Imran Nazir

6- Muhammad Hafeez

7- Wasim Akram

8- Shoaib Akhtar



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