8th death anniversary: Moin Akhtar still living in our hearts

Today marks the 8th year of the death anniversary of the greatest legend of Pakistan industry Moin Akhtar who was a Pakistani television, movie and stage actor, humorist, comedian, impersonator, and a host. Along with this he was a writer, singer, film director and a producer.


He was born in Karachi on December 24, 1950 and his mother tongue was Urdu but he executed with mastery in many other languages including Bengali, Sindhi and Gujarati.

Akhtar had performed over 1,000 different characters successfully in over 900 TV dramas and stage appearances.

His most famous dramas were “Rozi”, “Mirza Aur Hameed”, “Half Plate” and “Aangan Tehra”.

He was suffering from a heart disease during the last days of his life that eventually caused his death on April 22, 2011. He was laid to rest in Karachi. He is left out by his wife, three daughters and two sons.

Moin Akhtar was one of those few actors whose legacy extends beyond their physical presence. Some memorable performances by the hard to forget Pakistani icon include Studio 2.5, Studio 2.75, Aangan Terha, Chaar Bees, Fifty-Fifty, Such Much and the much-acclaimed persona of Rozy.


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