“Alhamdulillah I am a Muslim”

By: | Sabeen Ajaz| 


What does one feel when saying this beautiful sentence? Yes, this phrase is used often or maybe more in western countries. For western countries there is a full stop after that but in our society it’s further elaborated on the basis of sect.

Whether it seems a ritual or an important thing to disclose, if we ponder on it we shall see different aspects attached to this single phrase. No matter how much a Muslim or Islam has been exploited by the hands of ISIS or any other religious radical, it is
important that we should feel  love for Islam whenever we  pronounce “Alhamdolillah, I am Muslim.

We all know that the world scenario changed post  9/11 as quoted by Karen Armstrong:

“September 11 put the Muslims in spotlight’. And now we as Muslims not only represent ourselves but we carry a whole background within us. The background of our ancestors (during the golden era of Muslims), the strength of nuclear power Muslim countries and the main exposed background of radicals.  They have the image of Muslims as extremist, angry and provocative people.

Very few people relate good things to the Muslims who are in constant pain in suppressed and war zone areas.  It’s very important to understand that nowadays the behavior of a single Muslim person reflects the whole religion and represents us across the globe. No matter which action we perform others will perceive as the representative of Islam.  The way any Muslim treats others is becoming more and more scrutinized than ever. So our religion needs to be depicted in a manner that no one can raise fingers on it.

The damage already done by radicals of ISIS and others  can only be diminished by the efforts of each and every Muslim around the world.

No matter which sect we belong to, if we can’t respect the views and beliefs of others, we can’t portray our religion as tolerant. We witnessed  the tragedy in New Zealand has depicted a beautiful picture of their Prime Minister Jacina Arden and  inhabitants. The way the Muslims were supported and loved, had over shadowed the horrendous act  followed by love, tolerance and empathy which emerged as a consoling tool to address the grief of the bereaved families.

This can be done in a similar way among us where the bitter truths of of tyranny committed by self proclaimed- righteous Muslims  on their  fellow beings, the sectarian  and honor killings can be mitigated or ended once and for all by the realization that this can not be the message of Islam and our conscience should not respond to any calls of radicalization; because in true sense the message of Prophet Muhammad (PBUHAF) is to disseminate love.

Honor or sectarian killings in the name of religion can never justify the true essence of Islam and its teachings.  Our Ulema and clerics  should highlight the importance of true teachings of Islam and that any person is not authorized to pass verdict on his own rather there is a proper court and justice to serve the justice.  Islam teaches tolerance, which ironically become the scarcest attribute in Muslims. It should be remembered that success is not the exertion of enforced opinions by people rather the  true success is when any person tilts his/her heart towards Islam inspired by our behavior. We as Muslims have apparently forgotten the main attribute taught by our beloved
Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUHAF),  who once said as he was asked : O Messenger of Allah, which deed is the best? The Prophet (PBUHAF) said “Patience and Tolerance ”.

So why not spread the peace through Islam. Spread this beautiful religion by our behavior not by enforcement so that each one of us can proudly say with a smile face , “Alhamdulillah I am a Muslim.”



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