Another PML(N) aide bite the dust: Tallal Chaudry found guilty in contempt of court case

ISLAMABAD: On Thursday, the Supreme Court of Pakistan convicted another Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) leader Tallal Chaudry in contempt of court case, finding the ex-state minister guilty of violating Article 204 of the constitution.


Justice Gulzar Ahmad read out the court’s verdict, Tallal was sentenced ’til the rising of the court, and imposed fine  of Rs 0.1 million rupees.

Chaudry, a former minister of state for interior, has been ordered by the apex court to ensure his presence during today’s proceedings, which were based on a suo motu notice on his ‘anti-judiciary’ remarks during a party rally in Jaranwala earlier this year.

After this conviction, Tallal, who had already lost the July 25 General Election from his Faisalabad constituency, will be barred to hold public office for next 5 years.

The court had reserved its verdict on the case on July 11.

Earlier, Daniyal Aziaz and Nehal Hashmi were fund guilty in contempt of court case.

Daniyal was given the similar sentence like Tallal, whereas Nehal was sentenced to one month imprisonment.


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