Aqsa, seven year old girl passes awa in Karachi after being hit by start bullet

KARACHI: On Sunday morning, a seven-year-old student, who was hit by a stray bullet in Karachi’s Saeedabad area passed away.


Aqsa was hit by a bullet earlier this week, during the assembly session at her school. The injured child was rushed to Civil Hospital, from where she was taken to the National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD).

The seven-year-old remained under treatment for 48 hours in the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital, after which Aqsa lost the battle for her life. According to the doctors, the bullet had damaged Aqsa’s lungs.

Further, DIG Ameer Sheikh said the incident will be made a test case. He expressed the police’s strong resolve to determine where the bullet was fired from.


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