Auction underway for luxury cars under PM’s jurisdiction

ISLAMABAD: The federal government on Monday began the auction of a fleet of 102 luxury cars which are under the jurisdiction of the Prime Minister of the country, the auction is a part of the federal governments austerity campaign trying to cut some economic losses.


Thirty-four non-imported cars have been sold so far.

In the second phase of the auction, 41 imported cars will be sold.

The cars that are being auctioned include four recent models of Mercedes Benz, eight bulletproof BMWs, three 5000cc SUVs and two 3000cc SUVs of 2016 model.

Moreover, 24 Mercedes Benz of 2016 model are also being auctioned. Two of the 28 cars are 4,000cc bullet-proof vehicles.

Further, 40 Toyota cars which include a 2004 Lexus, a 2006 Lexus SUV, and two 2004model Land Cruisers are also up for auction.

Other vehicles that are being auctioned include eight Suzuki cars, five Mitsubishi vehicles, nine Hondas and two jeeps.

The cars will be sold to those who have the highest bid.

In his first address to the nation, Prime Minister Imran had emphasised on cutting government expenditure. As part of the cost-cutting initiative, he had announced the auction of surplus PM House vehicles.


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