Cabinet meeting: Taskforce created to oversee job creations, reform NAB, civil laws

ISLAMABAD: The federal cabinet nmeeting headed by prime minister Imran Khan, on Tuesday, approved a taskforce to oversee reforms in civil law and National Accountability Bureau laws, Fawad Chaudhry—– the information minister said.


Fawad was addressing a press conference said further said that Law Minister Farogh Naseem will head the taskforce to bring about “effective” NAB laws.

The federal cabinet today discussed 9 points agenda.

In addition, committees have also been formed to oversee formation of a new Southern Punjab province, FATA, as well related to creation of jobs and housing.
The South Punjab committee comprises Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and PTI leader Khusro Bakhtiar, and will also contact Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz in the regard.

In addition, the committee on FATA will be responsible for overseeing matters related to the former agency’s merger with Khyber Pakhtunkwa.


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