CM Buzdar takes notice of alleged sexual abuse of girls at Kashana Lahore

Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar on Saturday took notice of state-run shelter Kashana Lahore’s superintendent’s allegation that the facility was being used to supply underage girls to powerful ministers of the Punjab government.


The woman, identified as Afshan Latif, claims she is being persecuted by the government for bringing the matter to light.

In a series of videos shared across social media over the past few days, Latif claims she was responsible for overseeing Kashana Lahore (otherwise known as Darul Amaan) since April this year. She replaced the previous superintendent who was accused of bringing strangers (men) inside Kashana late at night.

However, even after her appointment, Latif alleged that illegal practices continued at the center. In this regard, Latif filed a complaint to her department against the Director-General of Kashana, Afshan Kiran Imtiaz. The complaint alleged that Imtiaz was pressuring Latif to marry underage girls to high-ranking officials.


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