Cokefest Day 2: Food, fun and rhythm make it a celebration

KARACHI: Pakistan’s biggest city known for being the ‘city of lights’ is turning ‘lit’ yet again, The CokeFest is back again to revitalize and re-energize all the Karachiites before they prepare to bid farewell to a considerably long winter spell.


Newsone once again is proudly associated as the title sponsors and brand partners of the prestigious 3 day event. Coke festival which kicked off on  15th February (Friday), and will continue for two more days ending on Sunday 17th Feb.

The event is being held at Beach Park Clifton. The event has already set a high standard with it’s previous renditions all over Pakistan, the event promises to be better and yummier with different cuisines under one roof; ranging from Desi to Continental, Asian (Chinese, Japanese, Thai) to Turkish/Lebanese, where home-owned culinary businesses are given opportunities to share their talents with the world.

Day two of the event saw a bevy of stars attending the event as guests, casual onlookers, food gluttons, performers or just someone who was there to have a good time like a normal person for a change.

Being a family festival, families from all walks of life made their way to the event and looked more than pleased with the event’s offerings, whether they were seen muching down on delicious snacks or singing along and tapping feet to the amazing live music accompanying the great atmosphere of togetherness.

It was an ode to the good times and a prayer for better times in the future after a very difficult, tumultuous and  rocky path this country has been on in since it’s inception.

Karachi, the metropolis primarily has been plagued with tremendous ups and downs where it was once notorious for being one of the most dangerous places in Pakistan and the world.

Coke fest has become one of the most anticipated events in the city and most talked about on social media as well, with the highest number of #hashtags, around 24,300 posts.

Coke Fest is not only about food, but it also focuses on providing entertainment to the families and friends with extravagant concerts each day by Pakistan’s leading performers.

It’s a treat for the eyes, ears and the stomach, so what are you waiting for… Go out and live a little.



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