Death anniversary of actor Rafi Khawar (Nannah)

Famous film,TV actor and comedian Rafi Khawar known as `Nannah’ was remembered on his death anniversary today, Staurday.


Rafi Khawar started his career in 1966 featuring in the Urdu film `Watan ka Sipahi.’ He worked in many films and TV dramas notably Naukar in 1975-76,`Tehka Pehlwan’ in 1979 and `Dubai Chalo’ the same year.

Nanna was regarded as an outstanding comedy talent and for many years remained the star of the hit TV show “Alif Noon” that ran across three seasons during the 70s and 80s era.

He got two Nigar Awards for Best Supporting Actor and Best Comedian in 1977 and 1983 for film `Bharosa’ and `Love Story’.

Despite the dominance of Sultan Rahi and action films, the mostly comic act of Nannah and Ali Ejaz (of Dubai Chalo fame) gained immense popularity in the first half of the ’80s, and were seen in more than 50 movies in the main lead. In the films of that era, Sultan Rahi was usually paired with Anjuman, Ali Ejaz with Mumtaz and Rani, and Nannah with Nazli.

Nannah and Nazli became romantically involved and were often seen together in public. The best proof of their love on film can be seen in the song Vekh meri baanh tap di mundiaAakhian rehndiyan mast mastMera kar le koi bandobast, and also in Ve yari tori naVe mukh methon moree na (Tehka Pehlwan).

According to an inside source, money was never an issue with Nannah during his love affair with Nazli. His celebrity status was at an all-time high and he was delivering hits left, right and centre. He even forced his producers to cast Nazli with him in all his films. Nazli made the most of the opportunity and the two became inseparable. But after Nannah started delivering flops and fell on hard times financially, Nazli started to lose interest in him as well.

Nannah allegedly committed suicide by shooting himself with a shotgun in Lahore on June 2, 1986. A witness, producer Jamshaid Zafar, narrates that there was a pool of blood in the room and it was a truly horrific scene, something that appeared to be right out of a mystery crime film. However, the actual circumstances leading to Nannah’s death remain a mystery to this day. There were also rumours that he had decided to give away all his property to actress Nazli which sent alarm bells ringing within his family.


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