DG ISPR plays street cricket at Karachi

On Saturday, the star cricketer Shahid Afridi shared a video of DG Inter-Services Public Relations Asif Ghafoor playing street cricket in Karachi with a group of young boys. Shahid Afridi regretted as he missed playing cricket with Mr. Ghafoor since he was in Turkey.


Shahid Khan Afridi in his tweet praised the security forces that played a pivotal role in reinstating peace back into the Karachi. He was overjoyed to see the colors and life back into the nightlife of Karachi that was once suspended due to the deteriorated law and order condition of the city.

In reply DG ISPR thanked Afridi through his personal account and even joked that if Afridi was there no one would have given him the bat.

“Thank you Lala. Yes missed you. If you were there no one would have given me the bat! Great to see the vibrant youth of Karachi. Thanks to sacrifices of Sindh Rangers, Police, LEAs and the resilient Pakistanis,” he tweeted.


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