Dignity Matters: Zaira decides to part ways with Bollywood

BY: Taha Jalil


Eighteen years old girl, Zaira Waseem who raised to fame and glory after the MR. perfectionist Amir Khan cast her in Dangal movie, has decided to leave the Bollywood industry and following the announcement, she got more fame among the people who value dignity.

Recently she wrote a FB post, in which she appeared to be sagacious which reflects her visions clearly because she decorated her thoughts in a transparent showcase of words.

The value of religion and inner satisfaction are so meaningful for those who are still living by their conscience.

In this era many people, even celebrities lost their originality due to act in objectionable scenes, they do get the popularity but lost the essence of life and in the end, they fall addicted to alcohol and drugs which then lead them to attempt suicide. Our society has witnessed these type of cases.

In the past and even nowadays, mostly well-known personalities—– which included successes full ambitious entrepreneurs, celebrities, have complained about self-satisfaction.

Zaira mentioned the same thing in her post, which is showing that she needs inner satisfaction and for her as a girl, nothing is important more than self-respect.

It is not easy to take separation from the showbiz world, where everyone is ready to give you what you are seeking for.

At a very young age, she realized the actual destination. On the other hand, many so-called stars who supposed themselves as a  top star but in reality, they are dead souls who are not responding to the call of morality.

In the eye of wisdom, a golden soul is now traveling in a real way from the dark shiny -virtual world and we hope that Zaira will be the real star for the coming generations in the years to come.



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