Dollar rises to 150 PKR as government blames previous regimes for economic woes

KARACHI: The rupee plunged to hit an all-time low of Rs150/dollar in the open market on Friday morning, Newsone reported
On Thursday, the dollar was traded at Rs147.


The greenback gained by another Rs2.48 in the interbank market to reach the latest peak of Rs149. It is currently being bought for Rs147 in the interbank market.

The rupee plunged around five percent in an intraday trade on Thursday to hit an all-time low of 148/dollar in an apparent devaluation by the central bank as a ‘prior action’ to satisfy the IMF to secure approval of $6 billion bailout package, analysts said.

Special Assistant on Information, Firdous Ashiq Awan while responding over the latest surge in Dollar rates against rupees blamed the past regime of Pakistan People’s Party and Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) behind the economic woes.

Taking to Twitter, Awan said, “The Sharif family destroyed the country with their economic terrorism. With what face are they speaking about going to the masses?”


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