Donald Trump offers again mediation over Kashmir dispute

WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump has again offered to mediate between Pakistan and India on the Kashmir dispute.


“If they [Pakistan and India] wanted somebody to intervene or to help them,” Trump said in response to a question from a reporter at the White House about his earlier offer to mediate the Kashmir issue, “I spoke with Pakistan about that, and I spoke, frankly, to India about it. But that’s been going on, that battle, for a long time.”

The US president was referring to his meeting last week with Prime Minister Imran Khan, where he had offered to help to resolve the Kashmir issue.

India had rejected the offer making it clear that there can’t be any third-party intervention on the issue. However, Pakistan welcomed it.

Political storm in India as Trump claims Modi asked for Kashmir mediation

“Well, that’s up to — it’s really up to Prime Minister Modi. And I met with Prime Minister Khan; I got along great with — I think they’re a fantastic people, Khan and Modi. I mean, I would imagine they can get along very well,” he said.

Trump added, “If I can — if they wanted me to, I would certainly intervene.”


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