Droves of voters: Pakistan votes from Karachi to Khyber in pictures

Web Desk: Polls opened on July 25 in a tense, unpredictable and mercurial Pakistani election process after campaigns marred by allegations of military interference and a series of deadly attacks, a pleasant turn of events.


Women turned up to vote in large numbers in a fairly conservative Pakistan.

For first time in history, women cast votes in Upper Dir

Women cast their votes for the first time in the history of Upper Dir as polls opened across the country Wednesday.

Queues of women could be seen outside the polling stations in constituencies NA-5 and PK-12.

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) had earlier said that any area where women are stopped from or face hindrances in voting could face the election in its constituency becoming invalid.

The ECP said the results of any constituency would be declared invalid should the female turnout be lower than 10 per cent. Any person found involved in or facilitating such a deal may face up to three years in prison.

8 polling agents detained as women stopped from voting in NA-86

Meanwhile, eight polling agents were detained in NA-86 constituency of Mandi Bahauddin after women were not allowed to cast their votes.

Polling is under way in the constituency, the District Police Officer (DPO) said.

“Women are casting votes now,” he added.

General Election 2018: Vote count under way

Pakistan’s nearly 106 million registered voters had a chance to choose their representatives in the national and provincial assemblies — as well as their next prime minister — the country went through its 11th General Election today.

Polling began at 8AM and will conclude, without any break, at 6PM across the country’s 85,307 polling stations, of which 17,007 have been declared “highly sensitive” were all involved in the electoral process where voters actively participated.

Several major parties, including the PML-N and PPP, asked the ECP to extend the deadline for an hour citing a ‘slow’ voting process. However, the ECP rejected their pleas.

As many as 12,570 candidates are contesting for a total of 849 seats of national and provincial assemblies in the general election.

The run-up to the election was marred by violence with three candidates killed in targetted attacks across the country.

Even today’s polls witnessed a suicide attack outside a polling station in Quetta which claimed at least 29 lives.


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