Eidhi’s legacy not safe in Naya Pakistan: Bilawal

KARACHI: Pakistan Peoples Party Chairman (PPP) Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Saturday said he will be stepping up work with all stakeholders on a feasible, practical and progressive master plan for Karachi. Bilawal added that in ‘Naya Pakistan,’ even the legacy of Abdul Sattar Edhi was not secure.


Bilawal’s tweets came in response to journalist Amar Guriro’s tweet in which he said, “Edhi Foundation will no more provide ambulance service to Karachi as 10 Edhi shade across city and portions of three centres demolished by Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) on the name of encroachment that affects 70 per cent of communication system used to operate ambulances.”

“I have the mandate of the people of this province. I hold my head in shame that we have been unable to protect the poor and the helpless from this heartless so-called anti-encroachment drive. What does it say about us that not even Edhi’s legacy is secure in Naya Pakistan?,” Bilawal tweeted.


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