“Eidi Barhao”tehreek getting rise in Pakistan, elders be noted

By: |Syed Tazmeen Javed|


KARACHI: As Eid is near the corner, so as the urge by the Pakistani children seeking a rise in the amount of “Eidi” (Cash gift) from their elders.

In a lighter mood, a journalist, our colleague from a different news outlet Fahad Ahmed, has come up with a funny video where it can been watched that children mainly teenagers from Karachi holding playcards are insisting  that amount of a ‘Eidi’  must rise beyond their expected levels.

Eidi brings joy for children as it is the gift which the elders including parents, grand parents, uncles, siblings imparts to their younger loved ones.

There was a time where the EIDI used to be 10 rupees, but as of today children don’t compromise anything less than 100 rupees amount.

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May this passion, enthusiasm for Eid, festivals continue to inspire us.

Eid Mubarak Everyone



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