Elections on time as CCI breaks deadlock on delimitation

ISLAMABAD: According to leading Newspapers it is learnt that Counsel of Common Interest has broken deadlock on the delimitation process, as Sindh agreed to hold elections on the basis of provisional Census Data, following assurances from the federal Government for conducting third’s Party audit of certain population blocks.


The breakthrough could pave way for the timely polls, as the deadlock was obstructing constitutional amendment which was prerequisite of new delimitation process by Election Commission of Pakistan.

On Monday, the CCI meeting was chaired by Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, in which Chief Ministers from all 4 provinces participated.

Talking to Media, Ahsan Iqbal the Interior Minister, who was given slot of membership at place of Finance Minister Ishaq Dar, expressed satisfaction, adding that government would convene National Assembly session soon in enabling the constitutional amendment, after all parties agreed on delimitation.

Recently, National Assembly speaker Ayaz Sadiq failed to gain consensus from Parliamentary leaders as Sindh two major parties Pakistan People’s Party and Mutahhida Qaumi Movemnet(Pakistan) showed their reservations on provisonal census results, holding stance that their respective population has been misrepresented.

However the sources confirmed that Pakistan People’s Party has agreed for delimitation on the condition of proper auditing by the third party on certain demographics.

Briefing reporters, PM’s spokesperson Musadiq Malik announced that the CCI had given the go ahead for delimitation of constituencies on the condition that the data of at least 1pc population blocks across the country would be audited by the Statistics Division through a third-party.

Malik said these blocks would be chosen through a draw and the whole exercise would be completed within three months. He said that a comparison of the data of the selected blocks would be made with other blocks in order to remove misunderstandings on the census data.

Well it is not yet confirmed that which third party would conduct the audit of certain population blocks, but it is speculated that any independent chartered accountant on which the federal government and the respective provincial governments have confidence.

Following the breakthrough, the speaker has called a meeting of parliamentary leaders tomorrow (Wednesday) to discuss the strategy for the smooth passage of the constitutional amendment, introduced by Law Minister Zahid Hamid in the National Assembly on Nov 2.

Hence, with all these development if it goes by the pre- conceived desires of outcome, the election then are scheduled to take place by August, 2018.

Ceteris Paribus is the fundamental requirement amid speculations of call for  early elections, or contrary delay in elections in the name of  accountability.