Electricity prices surge by 81 paisa following rise in petroleum prices

ISLAMABAD: On Thursday, National Electronic Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) approved a hike of 81 paisa per unit on the price of electricity on Thursday.


As per reports, Central Power Purchasing Agency had appealed for a hike on power tariff with Rs1.23 per unit from which NEPA had approved Rs0.81 hike leading to the consumers having to bear an additional financial burden.

The electricity regulating body had stated that after the rise in the power tariff, consumers will now be enduring a load of Rs5.2 billion in addition, adding that the hike will not be affecting the consumers of K-Electric (KE).

It was revealed further that the increase had been done owing to the fuel price adjustment in February.

The news of the power rates’ surge comes mere days after prices of petroleum and diesel were increased around the country by Rs6 per litre.


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