Emerging Artist Shahrukh Abbas sings ‘Aya Ramzan’ and it’s amazing

By: |Syed Tazmeen Javed|


Artists fraternity is eager to showcase their love for God and the holy month of Ramazan by recording Nasheeds.

Likewise, a very talented and emerging singer Shahrukh Abbas has come forth with a soothing Kalam “Aya Ramazan”

In his three minutes video, the singer is expressing the gifts Ramazan brings forth for the believers.

The Kalam has been penned down by the poet Zakir Imam.

Moreover, Shahrukh has also worked in collaboration with Sherry in a Kalam released by TNA records.


In our country where there is so much rift, chaos and leg pulling, let us avail the chance to support our emerging artists.


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