European Union states agree rules to make search engines pay for news

BRUSSELS: Search engines like Google and Microsoft’s Bing could be made to pay for showing snippets of news articles under draft copyright rules endorsed by European Union ambassadors on Friday.


The measure, which is not yet final, would allow press publishers to ask search engines to pay them for showing their articles for up to one year after publication.

The original proposal from the European Commission had foreseen giving publishers the right to ask for payment for up to 20 years.

The EU copyright reform package would also force websites like YouTube to seek a licence from rightsholders for displaying their content, for example, a music video, or prevent it from being accessible.

News publishers have had an acrimonious relationship with the likes of Google in the past, whom they blame for revenue and readership declines. Google has tried to remedy that by establishing the Digital News Initiative which funds publishers’ digital projects.



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